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    The future development of UX design

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    Design is a bridge between material and spiritual civilization, human hopes to transform the world, through the design to improve the environment, improve the quality of life for human survival.

    From the composition of the world of the three elements of nature human society the three coordinate system of modern design has developed from the product design to environmental design, from the "survival" progress "environmental awareness", as the Canadian architect Arthur? Erixon said: "the environmental consciousness is a kind of modern consciousness". American architects think: an important development in 80s is not the doctrine or that movement, but the universal recognition of environmental design and landscape design.

    The environmental art design, including the board of architectural design, landscape plaza design, sculpture and murals as environmental art design and interior design. The interior design is to satisfy people life, work requirements and spirit of the material requirements of the ideal internal environment design, and is closely related to people's life, so that the rapid development of the emerging edge of a professional, very practical. Reporter recently interviewed in China's contemporary environmental art design professional development and academic leaders, Tsinghua University professor Zhang Qiman of Academy of Fine Arts, invited her to the new trend of development of the interior design analysis. Professor Zhang believes that the modern interior design can be roughly divided into seven new trends.

    1 return to nature

    With the growth of environmental awareness, people yearning for nature, drink natural drinks, and use natural materials to live in the natural green environment. The Scandinavia design schools which rise, a great impact on the world, create a comfortable atmosphere in the residential garden, emphasize the natural color and natural materials, using many folk art style and. On the basis of the designers constantly in the "return to nature" efforts, create a new texture effect, using the abstraction of concrete design methods to make people think of nature.

    2 overall Arts

    With the wealth of material wealth of society, people's liberation from "accumulation", for indoor various objects between the beauty of a unified whole. The interior design is the overall art, it should be the space, shape, color and strength of the relationship between the grasp of the relationship between functional grasp, grasp the creation of artistic conception and the relationship with the environment coordination. Many successful examples of interior design are emphasized the overall unity of art works.

    3 the height of modernization

    With the development of science and technology, by all means of modern technology in interior design, best sound, light, color, shape design, high speed, high efficiency, high function, create the space environment ideal worth people praise the.

    4 highly nationalization
    Only emphasize highly modern, while improving the quality of life, but feel lost traditions, lost the past. Therefore, the development trend of interior design is not only modern, and tradition. We study in Japan, saw many new environmental design reflects the design reflects the Japanese design staff is committed to the modernization and nationalization of height heightcombination. The interior design was completed last year in Tokyo and Syria Park Hotel and office building, the traditional strong and innovative style, equipment and material technology modernization, indoor space and decoration details is fascinating, impressive and inspired. Japan throughout large and small restaurants, cooking room and store interior design, attention to the style characteristics are embodied. Especially the temporary construction, interior decoration and restaurant food are supporting the design people even in a small restaurant, feeling too elaborate designer. Therefore, "everywhere beautiful environment, everywhere has the design impressed every members of the delegation.

    5 personalized

    Big production to the society to leave the same problem of waking. The same building, the same room, the same indoor equipment. In order to break the same people, the pursuit of personalized. A design method is introduced the natural indoor, indoor and outdoor transparent or one piece. Another design is to break the cement box, inclined plane, oblique or curve decoration, in order to break the horizontal and vertical baseline variation. Also you can use color, picture, pattern, using glass mirror reflection to expand space and so on, breaking the indifference, through careful design, give each family room with personalized features.

    6 service convenience

    City population concentration, in order to facilitate efficient, foreign countries attach great importance to the development of modern service facilities. The high-tech achievements to the development of urban and rural automatic service facilities in Japan, vending equipment more and more, the use of computer information answer guide system in traffic system, automatic ticket checking, automatic opening, closing and exit channel and other facilities to high efficiency and convenience to the people, so that interior design emphasizes "person" the main, let the consumer satisfaction, convenient for the purpose.

    7 high technology high emotion

    Recently, the interior design of advanced countries in the world are developing to high technology, high emotional direction, the combination of the two, both attach importance to science and technology, and emphasizes the human touch. The pursuit of the frequent changes in the artistic style, new technique, new theory to emerge in an endless stream, presenting a riot of colours, continue to explore the situation of innovation.

    New year there will always be flowers. However, the display of flowers is quite important, is not the more the better, choose what to spend, what, are closely related to health. In flowers and health at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine who studies professor Li Huide medical experts, specially to your visitors. Flowers at the best balcony to withdraw Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, pineapple, Anthurium in new varieties of Spring Festival fair play a key role, Professor Li Huide said, the first two are orchids, fragrance is very weak, itself will not release toxic substances, and greenhouse soilless cultivation, plant material will be contaminated. No problem what kind of pineapple. Anthurium are harmless to the human body, there is still controversy, but as long as the master of a room can put principle, which is in addition to those Everything will be fine., sensitized cancer promoting flowers should not be placed in the room, the other day before the flowers best home, evening withdraw balcony, and pay attention to indoor ventilation. The green plant photosynthesis, increase of indoor oxygen, some leafy flowers worth promoting, but also not excessive. Because when illumination is insufficient, mainly for plant respiration, constantly inhaling oxygen, emit carbon dioxide. If too many indoor plants, will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide. Especially at night, plant respiration is very strong, and people will form an oxygen situation. But there are exceptions, cactus and people would not fight for oxygen, they are not green, light will be weak for photosynthesis. Years ago to catch a moving Celebration Today is fashion. New house, new decoration, new furniture smell may not come loose, people live in, if you put the right flowers, such as Chlorophytum and Arisaema and so on, can Home Furnishing and decoration, decoration materials and furniture for the removal of toxic gases released. Some flower is the "drug" experts: Diaolan can absorb 95% of carbon monoxide in the air, 85% formaldehyde. Tiannanxing can absorb 80% of the benzene in the air, 50% tce. Magnolia can absorb carbon dioxide and chlorine. Huilan can effectively absorb fluoride and sulfur dioxide in the air. In addition, regardless of older estates are best placed these Rutaceae kumquat, c.microcarpa and Zhu Shajie, this kind of plant oil rich in bud, can inhibit the bacteria, prevent mildew, prevent colds, and the smell of fresh. Have asthma patients don't put the Bauhinia Flower Lily is beautiful and sweet, but its flavor will be very nervous over excitement, so the family if neurasthenia, should not choose lily. Some intense aroma of flowers such as tulips, tuberose, flowering releases alkaloids and other substances, long time in this smell, people will have dizziness, chest tightness, hypertensive heart patients should not be especially put these flowers. Narcissus fragrant, the nervous system's discomfort, for a long time, especially the inhalation of incense in sleep, people will dizziness. The Bauhinia Flower pollen allergy, asthma patients should not. The Christmas flower (i.e., poinsettia), oleander, yellow azalea is the color, shape with flowers, but flowers experts believe they can never in the room, because these flowers will release toxic substances harmful to human body. Guangdong evergreen is a familiar and favorite people but also folk flowers, evergreen flower good-looking, toxic and hard "pet phrase. Measured by the botanist, evergreen contains some toxic enzymes, the stem and leaf juice on human skin has a strong irritant, if infants mistakenly bite, may cause throat edema, vocal cord paralysis and even aphonia.